Asian Eye Makeup Tutorial for Small Eyes

Asian girls are known for mono-lid eyes and it’s kind of trick to find the right make up for their eyes. Below is some of the tips and quick Asian eye makeup tutorial for Asian girls or for girls who have small eyes. Asian celebrities have proved that with the right makeup small eyes could also look amazing. You can look up into Asian celebrities’ eye makeup like Kimora Lee, Lucy Liu and Zhang Ziyi. Or you can find some Asian makeup tutorial to get a clear explanation of the dos and don’ts of Asian makeup.

Asian girls with mono-lid or thick eyelid should avoid some of eye makeup that will make their Asian eyes appear smaller. Asian eye makeup tutorial’s secret is to create such an illusion that the eyes will look bigger and give dimension of depth on the eyelid. If you want to get a dramatic look, then smudge the eyeliner on the low lash line, and apply white eyeliner for the waterline. Tricking the mono-lid can be done by getting the right shade of eye shadows or makeup beauty scotch tape to give your mono-lid fake crease.

First step on the Asian eye makeup tutorial is to cut the scotch tape following your eyelid shape. After applying on foundation, you can place the scotch tape on your eyelids properly. Cover it with compact powder along with your face and apply some of the base eye shadow cream to keep your eye shadows in place. Get an orange-brownish eye shadow and apply it on the whole eyelids, smudge it over to the crease line to pull up your eyes. Pull nice clean long eyeliner on your eyelid to make your eyes wider. Apply white or other bright eye shadow from the tear duct to the waterline to give your eyes extra size downwards.

If you have far set eyes, you would want to add a darker tone on the inner side of the eyelid that is close to the nose to give it a narrower line. A nice shaped eyebrow will also do the trick of pulling up the eyes. You can look up to some Asian celebrities or you can find other Asian eye makeup tutorial and Asian eye makeup tips to find the perfect eye makeup for you.

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