Best Flat Iron

Well, I’ve told you guys a little about the very best flat iron that there is out there and how it’s not even a flat iron! I couldn’t believe how easy, quick and comfortable it was to use the USpicy hair straightening brush. I have been using flat irons for years and they take forever to straighten my hair! After using the USpicy brush at home I actually took it to my salon where I work because a few clients wanted to see it and try it out.

Even taking it to work and trying it on other clients I couldn’t believe how much easier it was to use than a normal ceramic flat iron. Obviously, I didn’t keep using it because I didn’t want all my client’s hair in my own brush. I bought a second one because they are not very expensive at all and I keep it at the salon now.

But I have many of my clients who now request that I use the USpicy hair straightening brush over the ceramic flat iron because of how much faster it goes and it leaves a very nice shine on everyone’s hair. I like it a lot at work too because it goes so much faster I am able to see a few more clients a day which means more cash in my pocket when the day is over.

For my personal use I really do think this is the newest and best flat iron out there. This has truly replaced the flat iron that I had used for years because it looks better. Typically, I brush my hair with a normal comb to work out as many knots as I can. Then I will use a heat protector spray to make sure the heat doesn’t damage my hair as I use it. Then I personally like to add a bit of Moroccan Argan Oil which helps keep my hair healthy and helps give a great shine and lay down even flatter.

After combing really quickly and adding the spray and oil to my hair I simply grab a section of hair and start near the base of the hair at the roots with the bristles pointed up and pull my hair through the straightener brush. Using the USpicy I typically run my hair through it twice or at most three times and it’s perfectly straight. So it takes me about a total of 15 to 20 sections per section of hair that I do. After everything is said and one I am don’t with straightening my hair in about 12 minutes.

I have used a normal flat iron for years and typically it takes me about 35 mins to do all of my hair with a straight iron because I have to go much slower to make sure it flattens down all the way. Then on top of that I can’t do as much hair at once as I can with the USpicy.

When it comes to what is the best flat iron around, there is no question in my mind at all that the USpicy hair straightener is by far the best and is actually much more affordable than other straighteners. I wouldn’t recommend cheaper ones because they don’t have as good of features and can burn the hair really bad.

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