Dark Smokey Eye Makeup Can Make You Look Beautiful

Any woman in any occasion always want to look beautiful and sexy, one part of the face that are the focus is the eye makeup. Dark Smokey eye makeup can be one of the options in choosing a style of makeup for eyes. The style is now much favored by many women all over the world; it is because the use of women will look beautiful and mysterious. By using these makeup styles can emphasize eye line so that women who apply it looks sexy.

Dark Smokey eye makeup is a makeup style that combines two shades of dark and light. Dark Smokey eye we can also see from the bottom of the frame there are eyes that appear as shaded, it is made ​​using eyeliner or eyeshadow the same color with eyeshadow used on the eyelids. As for the eyelids, we can make it by giving a dark color eyeshadow in the inner petals and younger color on the outside.

Although using a dark Smokey eye makeup can make women look beautiful and sexy too but not all women can apply this style. They doubt if it makes itself can make the eyes look bad like a swelled due to hit something. However, with the dark Smokey eye makeup tutorial that we can get through the internet, YouTube and print media we learn apart continuously until we can apply it without having to be guided from the tutorial that we used previously.

Once we are good at applying dark Smokey eye makeup on our face, we must know the right blend of eyeshadow colors. The colors used are not always black, but can use the color brown, dark green, dark purple, or colors that can be combined with lighter colors. In addition to blush and lipstick also helps if selected natural colored or younger. It is intended that radiates beauty we focus on eye makeup.

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