Hair Straightener Reviews

Before buying my hair straightening brush I had to make sure I did a lot of research. It seems that there are definite knock-offs of the real deal or ones that pretend to be good but really don’t even straighten hair at all. That’s why I looked up a lot of hair straightener reviews.

So after reading many different hair straightener reviews, I decided that the USpicy hair straightener was by far the best. Not only did it actually work to straighten hair quickly and easily without burning it but it also has the best price. There are others that can be found cheaper but the reviews I read on those were quite bad. So don’t even bother with those because it will all be in vain.

The USpicy is the best priced around and there are tons of reviews about it to prove that it really is the best. There are for sure other ones out there that are far more expensive but they don’t offer any benefit over the USpicy hair straightening brush. In fact, most of them have less features than the USpicy which is a little mind-blowing to me since the others are more expensive.

One of the biggest reasons I like the USpicy over all the others is because it has a better temperature gauge. There are 7 different temperature levels that can be selected whereas on others they typically have 5 or some even have only 3 heat levels. I like having many different levels because there is definitely different temperatures that need to be used whether hair is wet, has product, is thick, is thin, wavy, curly, and so on. I have tried many other hair straightening brushes and having the 7 different levels of heat is an absolute must.

One thing that cannot be overlooked when getting a brush for hair straightening is anti-scalding. You would not believe that some of the other brands are not anti-scalding. When I tried other ones I accidentally burned my scalp multiple times because the bristles didn’t have anti-scalding tips. They get away with it because I’m only supposed to brush hair out with the bristles pointing up, but that isn’t always easiest. Anti-scalding on the USpicy is absolutely necessary to make sure you don’t burn your skin or your hair while straightening it.

Another feature that I like is that the bristles are different sizes which allows brushing hair to be done more easily. The brush has the ability to grab a larger portion of hair and then split that into smaller portions to get each hair more individually which means I don’t have to brush as much to get it straight or untangled.

There are many other features I love about it like an auto 30 min shut off just in case I leave it on it doesn’t rack up my electricity bill or burn something. It’s also smudge and fingerprint free so it doesn’t look nasty sitting on my counter.

There are a lot of hair straightener reviews out there which is why I compiled my own to get all the questions answered. The USpicy Hair Straightening Brush is the #1 best anywhere, hands down.

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