Hair Straightening Brush

I have always had very curly hair and some days it’s great and I love it; but other days I absolutely hate it and wish it was straight. I really like the way my hair looks straightened but it typically takes me about 35 minutes to straighten all of my hair with my flat iron. As a hair stylist it is important to me to have my hair be exactly how I want it and it is the same for my clients.

Many people have told me that they like my hair straight more than they do when it’s curly. Well that was like a punch in the gut because every single day I wake up to my hair being curly. Or I’ll be having a great hair day and then I need to take a shower, and poof it goes back to all frizzy.

I saw an ad on TV while I was at work at the salon for a hair straightening brush called the “Simply Straight” brush. It looked amazing and I really wanted to try it out. But when I went online to go buy one I saw that there a ton of bad reviews about it. Many people said that the heat dial was too easy to touch and so the brush would get hotter or cooler which messed up their hair. After doing a lot of research I finally found one with amazing reviews and free extras.

I found the USpicy brush. The USpicy basically is the same thing as the one I saw on TV but has more features, free extra items, and almost 500 positive reviews! The USpicy has a heat locking option so that I can choose exactly what temperature I want and then lock it in so that it stays. Others said that other brands that don’t lock the heat temperature would work well on one spot of hair and then it seemed like it wasn’t working on another spot. Then they would realize the temperature changed. One girl even said that she melted a chunk of hair off because she thought she had it on a very low setting and was moving it slowly and burned her hair off!

Needless to say I did not want to risk burning any of my hair off or a client’s hair just to straighten hair. The USpicy also has an anti-scalding setting so that it doesn’t burn my head as I’m using it. Mine also has 7 heat levels rather than 4 like most other brushes do, so I can make it however warm I want and do exactly whatever I want to my hair or a client’s hair.

I used it a lot at home and it cut down my straightening time from 35 minutes to about 12 minutes. Now it takes me so much less time to get ready in the morning and I can enjoy my straight hair. Since bringing it to work it has been a huge hit with my coworkers and clients. Two of the other stylists have gotten the same one that I have and love using it.

Now that I can straighten my hair quickly and beautifully I don’t have to spend as much time getting ready each day. Secondly I have been able to reduce my hair styling time at the salon and get more customers in so it has actually helped make me a little more money which is awesome. All of my clients love the hair straightening brush.

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