How to Make a Smokey Eye: Making Green and Hazel Eyes Great

How to make a Smokey eye is becoming the question of the fan of Hayley William. This singer sometimes uses this kind of style to make her performance look great. For some people, makeup is very interesting. This activity can even reduce their stress because they will see the new appearance which is different from the daily appearance. For some other, on the contrary, this activity is stressful. Let us make this activity so fun for you and getting Hayley William’s eyes!

How to Make a Smokey Eye and the Colors

How to make a Smokey eye? You have to know the color first. To create the Smokey eyes on your appearance, reveal the colors that can build a sense of Smokey. Three colors you need in build this sense, they are grey and black. But the other colors can support to make the sense more perfect, they are brown and bronze. In completing your appearance, you have to know your eyes color too. How to make a Smokey eye for green eyes might ask by those who have this color. You can choose plum and gray colors. They will make you look great.

How to Make a Smokey Eye with Complement Colors

How to make a Smokey eye? The different color of eyes has to be treated with other color combination to build the sense. How to make a Smokey eye for hazel eyes? This kind of eyes is easy to modify. It means that the people with this kind of eyes can use any colors. Nevertheless, to make dark sense, use the gray and navy colors. But you have to put it more. Besides, those colors are just the complements. The main colors are still black and gray.

How to Make a Smokey Eye for Hazel Eyes

In using eyeliner, you have to use it on the above and under your eyelash. Put the eyeliner thicker on the above part. For those who have bright blue color of eyes, it is simpler to work. You have to put just one main color with combination with black eyeliner and mascara. After the eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow are set on your eyes, put the compact powder around your eyes area to make it clear. Those are the tips on how to make a Smokey eye.

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