Prom Eye Makeup Ideas

So you have a prom to attend tonight? What prom eye makeup ideas will you trust to define your style? If you have not yet found the appropriate ideas for tonight prom, there you go. Take a look at our collections of special eye makeup ideas for prom. But before going straightly to those eye makeup ideas, we have some prom makeup tips for you. Before choosing an eye makeup idea that you think it will work for you, it is better to take your eye color into account. Knowing your eye color helps you choose the best eye makeup.

Well, let’s begin with prom eye makeup ideas for brown eyes. If you are blessed with beautiful brown eyes, you have plenty of options to make up your eyes. However, some natural colors are best used for this occasion. Light brown or grey eyeshadow is good for brown eyes and applies the shades until your brow bone. Expose the beauty of your brown eyes with dark eyeliner. Draw the cat-eye line in the outer corner to create dramatic effect. Curl your lashes and enhance its volume with mascara. The full, curly and long lashes just make your prom eye makeup perfect.

Now it’s the turn for prom eye makeup ideas for blue eyes. You have such pretty blue eyes and you should make it better with eye makeup. Dramatic and Smokey eye makeup is the best idea for girls with blue eyes who want to get other’s attention in the prom. You can start by lining your eyes to create a dramatic effect. Continue with choosing dark blue shade for the brow bone, combine with sparkling silver glitter for your eyelid and do your lashes to make it longer. Highlight the inner corner of your eyes to finish these beautiful prom eye makeup ideas.

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