Smokey Eye Makeup: The Attractive Eye Makeup

For daily activities apply the casual makeup maybe will be enough for the women who love simple makeup. But to attend a special event like big concert of your favorite idol, apply smokey eye makeup maybe will be a great idea. Since the smokey eye makeup is cool eye makeup that will be suitable eye makeup for the certain great event. Moreover, for people who have blue eyes, smokey eye makeup for blue eyes will make the appearance more stunning.

For the people who have blue eyes, the smokey eye makeup is the suitable eye makeup for them. Smokey eye makeup for blue eyes is the perfect combination. The combination between smokey eye makeup and the blue eyes will create epic and also classic appearance that will enhance the appearance of the blue-eyed people who use this great smokey eye makeup. They will look great with this epic smokey makeup.

The smokey eye makeup is the makeup for eyes which is usually used by people when they want to attend the informal event. This eye makeup is used by people when they want to put attractive look for their eyes. People who want to involve dramatic look on their performance usually use this smokey eye makeup. But this eye makeup is not recommended for a formal occasion. This makeup is usually used by young people who want to have an attractive performance.

To create the smokey eye makeup, for the people, especially young people who know well about makeup, especially eye makeup, certainly will know how to create gorgeous smokey eye makeup that will give attractive appearance for the people that use the makeup. The basic color of this eye makeup is grey colour and black color, for the remaining you can mix and match several color that will suitable with your eyes look.

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